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How to change the Fitbit Charge 6 band

You can switch the bands of the Fitbit Charge 6 using the latches on both sides of the tracker.

Published onNovember 27, 2023

Smartwatches, and especially fitness trackers, are some of the best complimentary accessories you can get for an active lifestyle. And nowadays, fitness trackers also allow you to customize them to a certain degree. One of the most popular fitness trackers is the Fitbit Charge 6, known for its sleek design and wealth of features. To add a more personalized touch to each Fitbit Charge 6, you can also switch up the bands to one that is more to your liking. This article will walk you through the steps on how to change the band on your Fitbit Charge 6 fitness tracker.


The process to remove a Fitbit Charge 6 band is very easy. All you have to do is release the latch on both sides and pull to detach. Then, gently push the replacement band into the end of the tracker until you hear a click.

How to change the Fitbit Charge 6 band

Fitbit Charge 6 Remove bands
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

The best fitness trackers all have the option to change the band for a customized look. Even though different Fitbit devices come with different bands, the mechanism to release them is the same throughout. All of them involve the use of latches that you need to disengage on either side to remove the bands. Follow the detailed step-by-step guide below to do this:

  1. Locate the latches on the back side of your Fitbit Charge 6.
  2. Push the flat buttons on the underside of the device towards the band with your fingernails. This will release the latches.
  3. Pull the band from the device softly to remove it.
  4. Apply the same process for the other band.
  5. Attaching the band is also a very simple procedure. Just press your band into the end of the device until it snaps into place and you hear a click.

The ease with which you can switch bands on a Fitbit Charge 6 should encourage you to change up the look of your device frequently. You can buy a variety of bands to suit your color and style choices and then interchange them according to your mood or to match the band with your outfit.


Yes, the Fitbit Charge 5 bands are compatible with the Charge 6. They follow the exact mechanism to remove and attach to the device. This compatibility is due to the fact that both the Charge 5 and Charge 6 have similar designs.

Unfortunately, Fitbit Charge 4 bands are not compatible with the Charge 6. This is due to the much more sleeker and rounded design of the Charge 6. The same goes for various assorted Charge 4 accessories too, as they don’t work with the Charge 6 due to differences in design and size.

You can buy a wide variety of Charge 6 bands from Fitbit’s official website, as well as from online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. In addition to that, you can also find them at physical retail stores like Walmart and Costco. They are available in a plethora of colors and multiple materials, including silicon and leather.

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