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How much do Apple Watch repairs cost?

You can spend in excess of $800 to repair a classic Apple Watch.

Published onNovember 17, 2022

An Apple Watch Ultra rests on its side, display the Action button settings menu.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

No one ever expects to damage their device, but things happen when you least expect them. If you own an Apple Watch, the company provides an official service and repair program that allows even older devices like the Series 2 to get a new lease on life. If you’ve ever wondered how much it’ll cost to repair your Apple Watch, you’ve come to the right place.


According to Apple's official estimates, it can cost anything from $0 for those with Apple Care Plus to $800 to repair broken Apple Watch models.


Repairing your Apple Watch: What to know

Apple Watch Series 5 Meridian face
Apple Watch Series 5

It’s important to note that the pricing provided in this guide comes directly from Apple’s estimate guide. Yes, these are estimates, and prices may vary if you’ve requested a repair from another provider. You may also need to pay shipping costs in addition to any repair fees.

Apple also charges different fees to address different types of damage. There are two categories: battery service and other damage. The latter predominantly includes damage to the Apple Watch’s glass face. We cover both in more detail below.

If you have an Apple Care Plus subscription, you won’t have to pay any additional fee to replace your battery provided its maximum capacity has dropped below 80%. Notably, Apple Care Plus pricing varies between models. See the breakdown below for monthly fees and fixed-term fees:

  • Apple Watch Ultra: $4.99 monthly, or $99 for two years of coverage
  • Apple Watch Series 8: $3.99 monthly, or $79 for two years of coverage
  • Apple Watch SE: $2.49 monthly, or $49 for two years of coverage
  • Apple Watch Hermes models: $4.99 monthly, or $149 for three years of coverage

Finally, before you send your Apple Watch in for a service, troubleshoot your problem. It might be a simple problem that you can quickly fix at home. Browse our extensive Apple Watch problems and solutions guide for details on how to potentially fix your watch.

Apple Watch repair breakdown

apple watch series 4 oled retina display

Battery repair

Apple’s battery service quotes the same price for almost all Apple Watch models, from the Series 2 up to the Apple Watch Ultra. The pricing structure is pretty simple. Provided you don’t own the Ultra, you’ll pay an estimated $79. As mentioned above, an Apple Care Plus subscription or one-time payment allows for a free battery replacement if it no longer holds 80% of its charge.

  • Apple Watch battery repair cost with Apple Care Plus: $0
  • Apple Watch battery repair cost without Apple Care Plus: $99 for the Apple Watch Ultra, or $79 for the Series 2 to the Series 8.

Other damage repair

This is where Apple’s repair pricing gets a little more complicated. Depending on the model, you could expect to pay anything between $800 to well under $100 with Apple Care Plus. Interestingly, the most expensive device to repair isn’t the Apple Watch Ultra, but the Apple Watch Series 2 Edition and Series 3 Edition models. The Apple Watch Series 3 GPS with an aluminum case is the cheapest device to repair.

  • Apple Watch other damage repair cost with Apple Care Plus: $69-$79
  • Apple Watch other damage repair cost without Apple Care Plus: $800-$159

You can find out exactly how much it’ll cost to repair your specific Apple Watch model using Apple’s estimate tool.

How to get your Apple Watch fixed

It’s pretty easy to get your Apple Watch repaired. You can visit your nearest brick-and-mortar Apple Store and ask an employee for help. You can use Apple’s online tool to schedule a repair.

  • Visit the Apple Watch repair page.
  • Tap the blue Get Service button.
  • Select an issue under the What’s going on? section.
  • Each option will provide a list of support options. Follow the prompts as required.
    • If you select the Send in for Repair option, tap Get started, then log in with your Apple ID to initiate the process.

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