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We asked, you told us: Here's how you keep your phone in your pocket

It turns out that upside-down with the screen facing inwards was the most popular orientation by far.

Published onJanuary 17, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 slliding phone into pocket
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Modern smartphones are pretty big, which means there isn’t a lot of space in our pockets for these devices. Then again, women’s clothing tends to miss out on usable pockets in the first place.

Nevertheless, we were curious to find out how you stored your phone in your pocket. So we posted a poll article last week and here’s what you told us.

How do you place your phone inside your pocket?


Over 2,400 votes were cast in this poll, and there was one winner by a country mile. It turns out that 68.1% of respondents (or roughly two-thirds) store their phone upside-down with the screen facing their leg. Some reader comments note that this orientation means you’re holding it exactly how you need to when you retrieve it from your pocket. Some commenters also felt that having the screen face their leg means the display is protected against knocks.

In second place was “right side up, with screen facing my leg,” accounting for 19.55% of the vote. Meanwhile, “upside down, with screen facing outwards” accounted for 7.54% of the vote and third place.

Finally, the least popular orientation on the list was “right side up, with screen facing outwards” (4.81%). We’re not quite sure what the benefit would be here. Then again, some phones have a 3.5mm port at the top, necessitating the right side up approach if you want to use wired earphones.


  • Beardednomad: I rarely pay attention to how it goes in but I would guess right side up with screen facing outwards.
  • Tennisfreak: I put my Flip 4 in my pocket however it happens to be oriented in my hand. Its so small and the screen is protected when folded it doesnt matter. Need option for foldables!
  • Michael Schaap: Upside down. I used to have the screen facing my leg since that seemed safer, but at one point my phone at the time (either OnePlus 7 Pro or Pixel 6 Pro, don’t remember) often turn on the screen, try to unlock with the fingerprint scanner and fail, leaving the screen on.
  • B!: Upside-down, with screen facing my leg.
  • Mike: Upside-down, with screen facing my leg. Makes the most sense since when I reach to pull it out, it’s in the right orientation already.
  • deltatux: For me, upside down, screen facing leg. It’s just easier to insert and remove from pocket. Plus, screen facing in makes more sense to protect the screen. Rather have the case bump into things than the screen.
  • Scott: It’s worth noting that this is effectively a poll of only men, as women often don’t have pockets, and when they do, they are nearly always too small for a phone.
  • B. Lusic: The people who put their phone in their pocket with the screen facing out, are living on the edge!
  • Nope!: Upside-down + screen facing my leg so when you pull it out of the pocket, you are already holding it as you would when using it. Plus having the screen facing the leg protects the display. If I accidentally hit my leg on a hard surface like the edge of a table, it’s the back of the phone that gets hit and not the display. And since I use a case, then hitting the back of the phone is a non issue.

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