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How Ghostbusters World is revolutionizing AR gaming

Check out how the new Ghostbusters World mobile game is creating a true revolution for augmented reality smartphone games.

Published onOctober 23, 2018

ghostbusters world

Anyone here see a ghost? With the new mobile game Ghostbusters World, everyone can not only see ghosts in the real world with their smartphone, but they can try to capture them as well. Ghostbusters World uses augmented reality tools, including Apple’s ARKit 2 and Google’s ARCore, along with Google Maps, so that players can take their proton packs in the game to take on some ghosts anywhere you might be in the world.

The game uses ARKit 2 and ARCore so that when you play Ghostbusters World, you will see highly detailed renderings of in-game objects in the real world, viewed from your smartphone’s camera and display. Virtual objects, as seen in Ghostbusters World, have a simulated real-world presence. Players can walk around the ghosts in the game, and see the full 3D model from all angles.

Reflections of real-world surroundings can be seen in the game’s virtual objects, and if you see a ghost, the sun casts a shadow that is accurate to the virtual object’s location in the world, along with the specific time of day. The AR tools allow the phone to detect the size and location of all type of surfaces.

With the use of Google Maps, Ghostbusters Worlds can show players full 3D renders of real-world buildings and landmarks while they detect and catch ghosts. Over 100 million 3D models all over the world are available in the game via Google Maps.

The game’s developers only have to worry about texturizing and designing their game objects, as the real-world objects in Google Maps are automatically textured by using GameObjects in Unity. Players are kept safe when playing the game, as dangerous locations are automatically removed in Ghostbusters World by the Google Maps API, along with any temporary road closings.

The developers of Ghostbusters World don’t plan to stop after the game is launched, as more improvements will be added in the future for better gameplay and better interaction with the AR environments. You can download Ghostbusters World now at the link below. And remember, don’t cross the streams.

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