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Honkai: Star Rail - How to find almost any material

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Published onMay 19, 2023

Honkai Star Rail Credits 1
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Honkai: Star Rail has a fair number of materials. You use them to upgrade things like Light Cones, Traces, etc. Thankfully, the game has a built-in system that tells you where most of these materials are. Thus, you can go to those areas and farm for them. Here’s how to access that function. Please note that this doesn’t work for every material. In general, premium currencies like Stellar Jade, for example, are not farmable.


In Honkai: Star Rail, there is a built-in function to find where to farm most materials. Simply locate the material in whatever menu and click on it. A card appears. Scroll down on the card to find the item locations. This doesn't work for premium, non-farmable items like Stellar Jade, Star Rail Passes, and others.


How to find almost any material in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai Star Rail Theifs Instinct
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Most items are available in great abundance in a variety of places. However, if you find yourself short on a material, you can easily find where to farm it.

  • Go to wherever the item is in your menu..
  • Click on it. The item’s information card will appear.
  • Scroll down on the card to find locations or activities where you can farm it.
  • Pro tip — You can click on most of the activities or locations. It’ll open the map so you can fast travel directly to that location and start farming.

What items can I farm?

Honkai Star Rail Sparse Aether
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

You can farm basically any material that is used in upgrades, Character Ascensions, and, of course, Credits. To make things a little easier, here’s a list of items you can’t farm. If it’s not on the list below, you can farm it.

  • Stellar Jade — These are purchasable with Oneiric Shards or earned as rewards. They are not farmable.
  • Oneiric Shards — You can only purchase these.
  • Undying Starlight and Undying Embers — These are only earned when you use Warp.
  • Star Rail Passes — Both types of Star Rail Passes are only earned through rewards through log-ins and in-game activities like Nameless Honor. They are not farmable.

Everything not on the list above should be farmable. We’ll update this article as we progress through the game and the game expands to include more things.

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