htc one m9+ upleaks (7)

The proverbial cat is out of the bag. HTC quietly acknowledged the existence of a “Plus” variant of the One M9, and even set an announcement date – April 8. However, HTC unsurprisingly prefers to keep the device under wraps until next week, leaving it to @upleaks to feed our curiosity with press shots and renders.

@upleaks has shared a series of high quality press shots revealing the One M9+ from every angle. The device borrows the two-tone styling from the smaller M9, but keeps the Duo Camera that was first introduced on the One M8 and adds a fingerprint sensor that splits the bottom BoomSound speaker in two. We don’t know for now whether this is a swipe- or touch-based sensor.

htc one m9+ upleaks (4)

One other visible difference between the One M9+ and the M9 is the shape of the camera, which is round on the former and squared on the later.

Rumored specs of the One M9+ include a Quad HD 5.5-inch display, an octa-core MediaTek processor, and presumably a larger battery. In this respect, the One M9+ resembles the One E9+, which HTC launched in China earlier this week.

The M9+ will be introduced at a Beijing event, which leads us to believe that the device is meant for the Chinese and East Asian markets. However, it’s still possible that the M9+ will see a wider release.

Are you interested in the M9+? Do you prefer it to the M9?

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