A photo of Adam Molina wearing the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro headphones.

Credit: Adam Molina / Android Authority

Put your best headphones on and give our test a whirl.

The SoundGuys are about to run a classic home audio experiment, but they need your help! Luckily, they’re not asking for money or anything like that — they just want to know if you can hear the difference between a handful of audio samples taken with a high-end audio cable and a handful of samples taken with a coat hanger. It’s a lot harder than it sounds!

All you need for this is a pair of headphones, a quiet environment, and a willingness to tell us what you hear. Let’s go!

So, which samples did you think were the coathanger? Could you hear a difference?

Check back on SoundGuys in the next few days to see the results, and whether you have golden ears — or if coat hangers really can do in a pinch to replace your speaker cables.

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