Pixel 4 XL back in hand 2 imp

Everyone uses their phones differently. Some people keep their ringtones turned up all the way, others keep them on silent. Some users need their brightness cranked at all times, and some people (myself included) prefer a dimmer display to save on battery life. The topic of haptics seems to fall into this category, too.

I didn’t start using haptic feedback on my phone until I used the Pixel 3. The original Pixel and Pixel 2 had mushy haptic feedback, so I turned it off right away on both phones. But the Pixel 3, for all its weaknesses, had fantastic haptics. I couldn’t help but keep them turned on.

Do you keep haptics turned on while typing on your smartphone? We seem to be split here at Android Authority, but I want to know your thoughts. Cast your vote in the poll below!

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