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The best Halloween movies you can stream on Amazon Prime

From an animated comedy to a zombie classic, these movies will be perfect viewing for Halloween.

Published onJanuary 14, 2022

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There’s no better time to watch a scary movie than Halloween. After all, it’s supposedly when the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and all sorts of supernatural shenanigans could happen. But the horror genre is not the only one in the spirit of the holiday! We have also included magical, spooky, and lighthearted films to our list to set the mood for a great All Hallows’ Eve. So, here are the best Halloween movies on Amazon Prime Video when October 31 arrives.

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The best Halloween movies on Amazon Prime Video

Editor’s note: The list only features movies available for free with your Amazon Prime subscription. We will update the list regularly as films are added or removed from the platform.

Halloween Party

We begin our Halloween movies on the Amazon Prime Video list with an actual movie with “Halloween” in the title. No, this isn’t one of the many movies in the Michael Myers Halloween slasher series. It’s a film about a Halloween-themed meme that’s a clue to the murder of a young student in a small college town. When a group of students discovers the meme during their investigation into the murder, they stumble onto a major secret inside the college itself.

The Legend of Halloween Jack

Here’s another movie you can watch with Halloween in the title. This 2018 movie is about a serial killer supposedly killed at the hands of vigilantes. One year after his death, he returns to the land of the living and goes after the people who “killed” him the first time.

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Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

This Halloween movie on Amazon Prime Video is actually for the entire family. It is the fourth in the Hotel Transylvania series of animated films about Dracula and other monsters running a hotel. In this film, he gets transformed by a machine into a human, while his human son-in-law is changed into a huge dragon-like monster. Can these changes be reversed, or are they going to become permanent? This is a fun movie for all ages. If you haven’t watched it yet, there’s no better time than Halloween.


Ethan Hawke stars in this 2021 classic horror film. He plays a writer who moves himself and his family into a house where the previous family was murdered. He starts to investigate their deaths for a new book, but soon he and his family are being stalked by a supernatural force that might be behind the original killings. It’s one of the best Halloween movies on Amazon Prime.

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Night of the Living Dead

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It’s the movie that single-handedly spawned a thousand zombie flicks. George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) is one of the best Halloween movies for any fan of the sub-genre. The story begins when Barbra and her brother Johnny visit their father’s grave and are suddenly attacked by a strange ghoulish man. Johnny dies, while Barbra barely escapes with her life. A stranger saves her, and they are forced to barricade themselves in a house as the undead horde surrounds them.

Night of the Living Dead has been emulated and parodied repeatedly in the decades since its release, but nothing beats the original. At the time, it was a first-of-its-kind apocalyptic horror, ushering in a new age for the genre and setting the standards for horror films for decades to come. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and watch it this Halloween. It’s available for free viewing (with ads) on Amazon’s IMDb TV channel.

Jeepers Creepers

This film starts with a simple road trip in Florida for two teenagers. However, they soon have to deal with a car that almost runs them off the road. However, that’s just the start of this road trip into terror, as the teen couple soon confront a horrifying monster that likes to take people off the road permanently.

Children of the Corn

Children of the Corn

Stephen King and Halloween go together like salt and pepper. The author’s name is pretty much synonymous with the horror genre, which is why we couldn’t exclude a King film from our Halloween list.

Children of the Corn (1984) is an adaptation of a short story by the same name, set in the eerie cornfields of Nebraska. The plot has been referenced and parodied so much in pop culture that you might already be familiar with it. A couple is stranded in a small town where the only inhabitants seem to be children. They are attacked as they try to find a phone to call for help.

John Franklin is excellent as cult leader Isaac, and although the film has some shoddy effects and silly moments, it’s both a Stephen King and a Halloween classic that you won’t regret watching.

Bad Candy

Here’s a movie that takes place on Halloween night. It centers on two radio DJs who are on the late shift on October 31 in the small town of New Salem. They start to tell their audience some spooky local Halloween stories to pass the time. This is an anthology movie with an interesting Halloween-themed twist.

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Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox plays a beautiful high school student who is also stuck up and mean. However, this 2001 movie takes the trope of a “mean girl” and takes it up several notches by having her get possessed by a demon. Now “Jennifer” is going after everyone in her school, leaving a bloody trail of death behind. It’s one of the best Halloween movies you can stream with your Amazon Prime subscription.

The Manor

Barbara Hershey stars in this Amazon Prime Video original movie. She plays a lady who is reluctantly put in a senior assisted living home. However, she soon believes that a supernatural force is in the place and is slowly killing its residents, and she fears she may be next. Unfortunately, no one cares that old people are dying in a retirement home. Can she stop this force before it’s too late?

Honorable mentions

Here’s a look at a few more Halloween movies on Amazon Prime Video that you can check out now:

  • The Lie — A married couple tries to protect their daughter, who seems to have killed her best friend.
  • Alien — Watch the original 1979 movie that started the Alien franchise, as an extraterrestrial monster starts killing the crewmembers of a human spaceship.
  • We Need To Talk About Kevin — A mother of an evil child tries to convince her husband and others of his threat.
  • Intruders — A group of thieves breaks into a woman’s home, unaware that she has some serious mental issues.
  • The Collector — A criminal decides to break into a house, but he soon finds out this house is full of lethal traps.

That wraps up our list of the best Halloween movies on Amazon Prime subscribers can stream right now. Happy Halloween!

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