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Threes! developer bringing RPG game Guildlings to Android soon

Prepare to embark on a quest to save the world in the JRPG-inspired game this summer.
May 18, 2018
Guildlings Android Game
  • Sirvo Studios has released a trailer for upcoming JRPG-inspired episodic fantasy game Guildlings.
  • The team behind 2014 hit Threes! is developing the game.
  • The first episode of Guildlings is scheduled for release in summer 2018.

Sirvo Studios, the team behind 2014 hit Threes!, has unveiled a trailer for upcoming game Guildlings. The trailer shows a colorful adventure game with cute cartoon-like graphics. The first chapter of the game is scheduled to arrive on mobile devices in summer 2018.

In the trailer, characters can be seen following an on-screen dot. This suggests that players move the characters around by pointing at the screen. The trailer also shows the text message interface that will be used to interact with characters and progress the game’s story. Check out the trailer below.

The team behind the game say that: “Guildlings is a single player episodic adventure for mobile, set in a world of wizards and wifi. This offbeat, JRPG-inspired fantasy focuses more on navigating friendships than on slaying bad guys.”

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In the game, players will take on various tasks including “reuniting with long lost friends,” “navigating a sea of trashbag crabs,” and, of course, embarking on a “quest to save the world.”

As of yet, Sirvo Studios have not released any details about how the game will be priced. Threes! initially cost $1.99 with no in-app purchases or ads. However, the team later released a free-to-play ad-supported version of the game.

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