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Grind your way through Power Rangers: RPG

A beta release of Power Rangers: RPG promises rangers, robots, Megazords...and grinding and loot boxes. Give the game a shot for free now!

Published onMarch 1, 2018

  • A beta version of Power Rangers: RPG is on the Google Play Store now for you to try.
  • Made by Nexon, the game appears to be free-to-play with grinding and loot boxes galore.
  • Nexon doesn’t have the best reputation with RPG-players, but Power Rangers fans will most likely be excited.

Good news, Rangers! There’s a brand new, officially-licensed Power Rangers video game for Android. If you’ve ever wanted to assemble a team of teenagers, give them superpowers, fight robots and monsters, and then build a giant Megazord to fight big baddies, then you’re in for a treat!

There’s also some bad news, Rangers. This new Power Rangers: RPG game comes from the publisher Nexon. That means this “RPG” will be light on story, heavy on automated battles, and have plenty of grinding and loot boxes to slog your way through.

The game is currently in beta and can be played for free. Just download the app from the Google Play Store and start playing. But be warned: since this is a beta, it will be removed when the full release drops, deleting all your achievements as well. If you still want to give it a shot to see how you like free-to-play games that require you to grind for upgrades and drop real-world cash for loot boxes, go for it.

Matthew Sholtz over at Android Police played through the title and gave it an underwhelming review. It appears Nexon is banking solely on the fact that Power Rangers is a famous brand and people will play the game based on that alone. While the gameplay video below makes the game seem pretty cool, it also looks like the story is paper thin, the writing is pretty sub-par, and the automated battle system is a real chore:

However, Nexon is a popular company with over a hundred titles under its belt, so apparently it knows what it’s doing. If you’re a fan of its other games, you’ll probably enjoy this one; and if you’re a huge Power Rangers fan, you’d probably play it regardless. But those of you who are just into RPG’s, you probably saw the word Nexon and already tuned out.

Give the game a try for yourself here:



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