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Granny Tips & Tricks - How to get out of the house!

This list of tips and tricks for Granny will help you escape the murderous mansion in one piece. Check it out!

Published onJuly 24, 2018

The free-to-play horror game Granny has been out for a while now on Android and iOS, but thanks to frequent updates from creator DVloper, it’s managed to stay relevant more than six months after its release. For such a simple game, that’s no small feat.

Beating Granny is actually challenging. Without a beginner’s guide, new players are unlikely to make it further than the starting room without being clubbed by their dear grandmother.

To help, we’ve put together this list of tips & tricks for the popular Granny horror game. This guide does not spoil the ending, so don’t worry about ruining any surprises the game has to offer.

Granny horror game tips tricks car key toilet

Only pick up the items you need

Granny is a horror game featuring a number of different items, at least 13 of which are necessary to beat the game. Most items spawn in different locations on each new playthrough, so you won’t find a map here.

Dropping items makes noise, which immediately attracts granny

Complicating things even further, you can only carry one item at a time. This usually means running back and forth gathering items, all the while dodging your nefarious nana. Even worse, dropping items makes noise, which immediately attracts granny.

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You can use this to your advantage by dropping items then hopping through windows or taking secret passages. While granny investigates the noise, you can be on your way to collecting the next item.

The steps you take to finish the game will depend on which item you find first. Some are more useful than others.

Grab the pliers early

Most of the items in Granny have a single use, but not the pliers. They’re useful in three different parts of the house. Consider yourself lucky if you manage to find them early.

Here’s a list of what the pliers are for:

  • Cut the circuit box in the basement, unlocking one of the locks on the front door
  • Disable the alarm on the door
  • Turn off the fan upstairs, giving access to a key item

Once those tasks are complete, you can safely chuck the pliers and move on.

Granny horror game tips tricks front door screwdriver

Remember where items are placed

As you pick up and throw down items, it’s easy to lose track of where everything is. Fortunately, items in Granny do not reset, even if you’re caught by granny and sent back to bed for the rest of the day.

The screwdriver is an important exception. It’s always on the shelf in the entrance. You will need to shoot it down with the crossbow or the shotgun to retrieve it.

The best way to keep track of items is to throw them where they can easily be found, preferably right in front of the heavily secured front door

Remembering where each item is located will prevent you from unnecessary backtracking and frustration. The best way to handle this is to throw items where they can easily be found — preferably right in front of the heavily secured front door.

Since it’s right in the middle of the house, it’s easy to fling items into the foyer. From the third floor, you can chuck items into the hole in the middle of the floor (the part that falls through) and they’ll land safely in the entrance. From the second floor, just throw them off the railing.

Obviously you’ll still need to remember which items you’ve found, but keeping them in the same place is a surefire way to prevent losing them.

Granny horror game tips tricks car key garage

Check key locations

Although items can spawn all over the house in Granny, there are a few locations that always have a key item. That doesn’t mean that they are actual keys, although they could be.

Here’s where you should check in each playthrough:

  • Inside the jail cell fan – as mentioned above, the pliers are necessary for disabling the fan (so you don’t lose your fingers!)
  • The basement safe – unsurprisingly, the safe often contains a useful item once unlocked with the safe key
  • Playhouse machine – the machine outside in the playhouse requires a cog wheel (or two) to open
  • Car trunk – the garage is a newer addition to the game, and the car it contains can be unlocked with the car key
  • Basement stairs – on the side of the basement stairs there’s a box than can be opened with the screwdriver

If you aren’t able to find what you need in those locations, it’s time to start opening drawers and praying.

Use headphones

Mobile games aren’t exactly known for killer control schemes, and Granny is no different. You’ll often struggle to look around and see where granny is coming from, so do yourself a favor and play with headphones.

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Being able to hear granny as she opens doors and says creepy things while stalking the halls will make it much easier to gauge her location. Plus you’ll be able to hear where the creaky floorboards are so you know when she’s coming.

This is easier for those of you who have phones with a headphone jack, or a decent pair of bluetooth headphones. Speakers just won’t cut it if you want to make it out of granny’s house alive.

Granny horror game tips tricks hiding

Learn the best hiding spots

Although Granny is primarily a horror game, there are stealth tactics you’ll need to take advantage of in order to escape the murderous mansion.

Granny might be speedy, but her knees aren't what they used to be, so narrow passageways and crawlspaces are a safe bet for evading your elder

Granny might be speedy, but her knees aren’t what they used to be, so narrow passageways and crawlspaces are a safe bet for evading your elder. The crawl space in the basement (which leads to the shed) is one, but the most useful one is in the sewing room upstairs (across from the jail cell).

Granny will stare at you from just outside it, but luckily there’s a hole in the back that drops down into the bathroom. From there you have several valuable seconds to explore the next part of the house.

In addition to crawl spaces, granny will pass right by several nooks without noticing. One of these is in the stairway to the basement, just beneath the stairs. You can also create your own nooks by hiding behind doors after opening them. Just make sure you dart out the open door and close it behind you.

Knock granny out

Although granny is an unstoppable force, a few items can stun her briefly. Once hit, she’ll go stiff and fall to the floor, earning you a few minutes or a few seconds (depending on the difficulty) of unsupervised play time.

The crossbow can be found in the room next to the one you start in

The two weapons in the game are the crossbow and the shotgun. The shotgun was added in patch 1.4, but it’s quite difficult to acquire, so you’re better of sticking with the crossbow for your first few playthroughs.

It can be found in the room next to the one you start in. You’ll need to knock down some boxes in order to access it, and you’ll need the weapon key to unlock the cabinet. No one said it would be easy.

You’ll also need to load the crossbow with a tranquilizer dart in order to use it. There are three darts in the weapon cabinet with the crossbow, but you can pick them up after each use. Try to keep both items near each other on the ground when you’re not using them.

Granny Tips & Tricks: Conclusion

Beyond these tips and tricks for Granny horror game, you’re really on your own. You’ll need to play (and fail) several times to get the hang of the game. Eventually you’ll make it out alive.

If you’re just dying to see the ending and don’t care about spoilers, there are thousands of Granny playthroughs available on YouTube. Be warned, it’s much more satisfying to get there on your own.

Did we miss any Granny tips & tricks? Let us know in the comments!

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