Once upon a time, when the notion of high-quality mobile gaming sounded as bizarre as time traveling, all that kids (and some grown-ups) knew for fun was Windows and PS 2’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Yes, it was violent, no, it wasn’t very educational, and yes, it was really dumb here and there. But it was fun, witty, cool and funny!

Time passed, technology progressed, but the second 3D title in the GTA franchise remained a reference for the open world action-adventure genre and for PC and console gaming in general. And although Rockstar Games, the developing studio behind its success, didn’t manage to make a similar bang with another title in the series, we all hoped we would be able to see more of Vice City on Android.

With a decade having passed after VC’s initial release, our dreams will finally become reality “this fall”. Android and iOS versions of GTA: Vice City have been confirmed as coming, and while details are still scarce, we can’t help but get excited.

The mobile ports of the game will “bring the full experience to mobile devices, featuring native high-resolution graphics and several enhancements unique to the iOS and Android platforms”, according to official Rockstar claims.

We of course don’t know exactly what “enhancements” and unique tweaks should we expect, but one thing Rockstar really needs to pull off this time is better support for Android devices. Grand Theft Auto 3 hit Google Play last year, also at its 10th anniversary, and, while the overall graphics and controls were decent, the number of bugs, glitches and non-working devices was massive.

That won’t do this time, guys, so be careful at the little details, too. Because if you will, GTA: Vice City for Android could be legen… wait for it… dary! Who’s as excited as I am about this?

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