Grand Theft Auto

Like listening to the radio stations in the Grand Theft Auto games? Now you can listen to the stations from all your favorite GTA games using GTA Radio, a free app on Google Play.

GTA Radio features radio stations from a variety of different Rockstar GTA games, including GTA3, San Andreas and several others. While many of the older games have a complete list of stations, some of the stations from GTA IV are still missing. According to the app’s creator, a future update is in the works that will eventually add any missing stations to the mix.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an official Rockstar app, instead offered from Keshav Verma. With that in mind, its hard to say how Rockstar will react to this app. Many of these stations are sold for profit elsewhere, or found on streaming services like Spotify. Rockstar might not like the idea of these stations being available completely free of charge.

It is also worth mentioning that this app allows you to play the stations in the background while using other Android apps. What do you think, interested in downloading GTA Radio from Google Play?

Andrew Grush
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