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Bring new life to your lights with help from Govee

Leave your boring old warm whites behind with some help from Govee. Try the Aura and Flow Pro for exciting new lights.
Brought to you by Govee

Published onFebruary 22, 2021

govee aura

It’s 2021: why are you still holding onto that boring old lamp? It’s time to give your home a serious lighting upgrade now that fixtures are smarter than ever. We’ve got a few options from Govee to help you take lighting to new levels.

Whether you’re looking for a desk-friendly Govee Aura or you want to take your TV up a notch with the Govee Flow Pro, you’ll be impressed by what the company has to offer. Best of all, neither option will come close to breaking the bank. Ready to learn more? Let’s get to it.

Music modes are just the start

govee dance

At first glance, the Govee Aura looks a bit like a colorful Amazon Echo speaker. It’s a tall, slim cylinder that’s wrapped in a wash of colors — 16 million of them, to be exact. You can explore 20 unique lighting modes and even create patterns of your own with the companion app. The Aura is a perfect party accessory, pulsing and changing as you jam out to your favorite songs.

However, Govee’s Aura isn’t just a party animal. When you’re ready to get down to business or catch up on some sleep, the Aura has modes for you, too. You can set it up to fade in or out with warm light that either helps you to fall asleep or greet the new day. One of the previously mentioned lighting modes even sets a comfortable hue for reading your favorite book.

Of course, none of these advanced light features would be possible without the Govee Home app. It functions as your true lighting mastermind, allowing you to tinker with patterns and choose just the right colors. You’ll also need Govee Home to set schedules for your Aura lamp.

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Set the mood while you binge your shows

govee 3

The Govee Aura may be perfect if you want to liven up your room, but the Flow Pro LED light bars can take your TV to new heights. Think of the light bars as mood lighting for your favorite shows. No, they don’t just bounce and pulse along with the action, Govee’s Flow Pro lights actually sense and mirror the colors your TV is displaying.

All you have to do is mount the tiny sensor to the top of your display and let Govee do the rest. You can even manage your lights hands-free thanks to the Google Assistant and Amazon Echo integrations. You also have a degree of freedom as to how you mount your Govee Flow Pro lights. They come with sleek stands that blend right in next to your TV or you can mount them to the back of your display for a hidden glow.

Just like with the Govee Aura, you’ll want to grab the Govee Home app to unlock the full potential of the Flow Pro. Fine-tune your light settings and even choose from a dozen special scenes the next time you have company.

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