Google is dipping their toes into teen social media with a new app called Who’s Down. The app serves as a way to broadcast one’s availability and interest so as to bring together equally free and similarly inclined people. The app is currently invite-only, and the sign-up form for Who’s Down asks only for your email address and school, meaning the app is specifically targeting a younger demographic.

Google seems tentative to re-enter the social media scene after their previous experience with Google+. Although the Facebook alternative has attracted a number of hardcore fans who were more than ready to leave their Likes behind in favor of +1’s, the social media platform has failed to garner the same level of mass-market appeal enjoyed by its rival and has arguably become more of a niche platform (though one many of us love). Of course, Who’s Down likely isn’t seen by Google as a replacement for Google+, just a way target a different audience. 

Who’s Down looks to be a new angle on the increasingly valuable instant messaging environment, an area of interest where Google has been consistently trailing behind services like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and WhatsApp. Although Google Hangouts is a very effective messaging platform, it hasn’t really ever snared the massive younger messaging audience that it’s low-key name seems to target.

Who’s Down is currently available in the Google Play Store. You need an invitation to use it, but if you don’t have one, you can request one from the app upon signing up.

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