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Apple has avoided a class action lawsuit regarding a flaw with its iMessage technology, following a ruling by Judge Lucy Koh, who has been overseeing similar cases such as Apple verses Samsung.

In the original complaint, former iPhone users claimed that Apple’s iMessage system interfered with the delivery of their text messages after switching to an Android phone. iMessage retained text messages sent from other Apple users, which some claim caused them to miss out on important messages.

According to Koh, there is insufficient reason to believe that enough customers were affected by the iMessage issue. Furthermore, it is unlikely that all of those that were affected would have missed out on important conversations that would entitle them to compensation.

(even if iMessage has) “systematic flaws that could result in the disruption of text messaging services, that determination does not assist the court in determining whether iMessage actually caused the proposed class members to suffer any interference,” – Judge Lucy Koh

However, this is not the end of the dispute. Individuals are still free to pursue Apple for compensation based on their own circumstances. Although, this ruling will greatly reduce Apple’s potential penalties and makes it unlikely that the company will have to reach a substantial out of court settlement.

Since the complaints, Apple has made it easier for ex-customers to de-list themselves from iMessage and to recover any messages that may have been lost. The courts will have to decide if Apple has done enough to avoid further action.

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