spaces best new Android apps of May 2016

Google Spaces was a weird concept even when it was announced at Google I/O last May. The idea was that you and your friends could create private topic-based group chats which would have the ability to add in different content apps like YouTube and Google searches. This seemed like an incredibly confusing release at the time, especially since they were launching Allo and Duo at the same event. Essentially, Google went on a messaging app spree in 2016 that came down to a fight for survival, and in the end, no one really came out on top.

If you open the Spaces app today, you’ll be greeted with a message alerting you of the shutdown of the service. Once March 3rd hits, you’ll still be able to use the app, but you’ll only actually be able to read the content you’ve already produced, not send anything new. It’ll be a slow death after that, with the eventual total shutdown coming April 17th.

Why exactly did Google make this app? No one really knows. Did you find it useful?

Let us know.

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