Earlier this month Google revealed it was adding new health info cards to the Knowledge Graph, meaning that a quick voice search would bring back common questions to a variety of diseases. Now these cards have went live, and they certainly do a solid job of giving out basic details on various ailments.

It’s not just the lesser and more common illnesses that are being listed, either. In addition to more common stuff like the flu and chicken pox, there’s also malaria, smallpox, polio and countless others. Now some of these cards (especially on very rare diseases) don’t have fancy images to go with them, but they still provide at least some base details.

While not a world-changing feature, we find the health cards to be pretty handy, especially if you quickly need to know some symptoms or are looking up diseases for historical reasons (school maybe?), like smallpox. It’s also worth mentioning that all cards have a rating that shows how common or rare they are.

What do you think of the new health cards? Let us know what other ‘interesting’ ones you’re able to turn up.

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