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  • Google might start including user comments in search results.
  • At first, this may allow people to comment on live sports games.
  • The feature could be similar to the reviews section the company recently added to some movie search results.

Google may soon introduce public comments to its search results. The feature was discovered by 9to5Google in an APK teardown of the latest Google App, indicating the feature is coming soon. One of the first uses of the feature is likely to be commenting on live sports games.

9to5Google made the discovery in a section of the app called “Your Contributions.” Clicking on this section brings up two panels: one for reviews and one for comments. There, the app explains that users will be able to add comments to sports games on Google while the games are live.

According to the Google Search Help Page, if the feature gets a full rollout, you will be able to comment on searches you have made on Google as well as read comments left by others. Google explains that the comments you make are public and will link to your “About me” page. Google first introduced the “About me” page in 2015 so users can control what information is shown about them on Google services.

The comments feature looks similar to the reviews section that Google recently introduced to search. Here, users are able to add movie reviews directly from the movie’s Knowledge Panel section in the Google search results. Google shows audience reviews at the bottom of the panel after movie information and critical reviews.

Google search reviews

The introduction of the feature comes soon after Google began to kill off its social network Google Plus in October, following a massive data breach. At the time, Google said it was shutting down Google Plus due to its failure to meet consumers’ expectations.

However, the new feature suggests that while Google Plus is dying, the company isn’t entirely done social features and integrations.

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