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Google’s new Project Fi cellular service still only works on unlocked Nexus 6 smartphones, but today the official Project Fi Android app is getting an update that will make managing your account much easier.

If you happen to be a current Project Fi subscriber and own multiple Android devices, you’re probably aware that you can only manage your Project Fi account from your unlocked Nexus 6. That’s changing today with this new update, which now allows users to manage their accounts from any device running Android 5.1 and above.

Project Fi allows subscribers to utilize the service on any device with Google Hangouts installed, but up until now, account management needed to be done solely on the Nexus 6. And to clarify, this doesn’t mean Google is getting ready to expand the service to other devices, it just means users’ accounts will now be much easier to manage.

In addition to these account management features, the update also brings an improved international roaming experience as well as activation and connectivity improvements. Check out the full changelog below for more details:

  • Account management from devices other than your Nexus 6! The app now works on any phone or tablet running Android 5.1 and up.  More info here:
  • Improved international roaming experience – more reliable country detection for a better Project Fi experience when you’re traveling!
  • Improvements to activation and connectivity experience

If you’re a Fi subscriber and would like the latest version of the app, head to the link below for the download.