Running out of internal memory on your smartphone is never a good feeling. This was especially prevalent years ago when smartphones didn’t come with 64 or 128GB of on-board storage, and keeping files and apps in the cloud wasn’t really a thing yet. If you’re constantly running out of space, the Google Play Store will soon give you suggestions on how to fix that problem.

Say, for instance, you go to the Play Store, try to download an app or game, and are immediately greeted with a “not enough storage space” prompt. You’ll then have to go into your settings and try to figure out which apps you should delete. Well, not anymore. The Play Store is getting a new Uninstall Manager feature that will intelligently suggest neglected apps and games that you should delete if you don’t have enough space available. According to one user’s screenshot, we can see that the Play Store will show you what you haven’t used in awhile, and it looks like you’ll also be able to delete those apps right from that menu.

Play Store uninstall manager

There’s no word as to when this new feature will roll out to everyone, but it looks like it will start sometime soon. Have you seen the new feature? If so, let us know in the comments!

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