Google Play Store

An update to the Google Play Store should be making its way to a device near you sometime soon, and will bring along a few design changes. Google’s own Kirill Grouchnikov teased today on Google+ that an update to the Play Store should be in our hands shortly. In fact, the hashtag Grouchnikov used was ‘#rollingout’, so we’re assuming the updated Play Store is already making its way to a few Android devices.


A few design changes will be present in the new update. First, Google will bring its white Google Search bar to the top of the Play Store, and will completely get rid of the small search magnifying glass button. The Google Search bar isn’t present in many other Google apps yet, but maybe this is the start of the company adding a streamlined way of searching their own apps. Last but certainly not least, we’re seeing the return of the spinning arrow. Well, the spinning arrow animation has been present in the past few iterations of the Play Store, but it has since been covered up by the full page hamburger menu on the left side.

There’s no word on a specific rollout date, or even what version this is, so we’ll be sure to update you once that information surfaces. Are you liking the design change?

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