The Google Play Store has historically lumped Apps and Games into one section, but that could be changing in the very near future. Some Android users have reported their version of the Play Store now shows Apps and Games as separate selections on the main interface page.

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The new layout was first reported by Android Police. It may be a very simple change in the UI of the Play Store, but for many people it will be a highly welcome one. With so many apps and games to choose from, placing everything in one section is a pretty cluttered approach and so it’s great to see Google is finally doing something about it.


There’s no indication on when Google plans to make this Play Store interface change available for all Android users, but since it has already started popping up for some of users, it hopefully shouldn’t take too long for it to roll out to everyone else.

What do you think of the change? Any other major Play store UI changes you’d like to see from Google? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

John Callaham
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