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  • In celebration of launching audiobooks, it’s offering multiple best-sellers for under $10.
  • These audiobooks will be available in 45 countries in nine languages.
  • For a limited time, Google will give you a 50-percent discount on your first audiobook purchase.

Google Play just launched audiobooks in 45 countries and nine languages. To celebrate, it’s offering dozens of best-sellers for under $10.

Various reports have suggested that Google was preparing to launch its own audiobook section in an effort to compete against popular audiobook apps like Audible. Indeed, these reports were correct. Starting today, Google Play will offer audiobooks in 45 countries around the world in nine different languages. You can read them on your phone, your tablet, your computer, and even on your Google Home device – simply say, “OK Google, read my book.”

To celebrate the launch, not only is Google offering dozens of top titles and best-sellers for under $10, but it’s also giving you a 50-percent discount on your first audiobook! Here are some audiobooks you can buy right now:

Sci-Fi & Fantasy




Mystery & Suspense

Education & Self-help

The best part about Google Play’s audiobooks is that you don’t need a subscription. You can go to the Google Play website now and pick the titles you want read to you. Start reading now for as low as $2.50 with the limited-time 50-percent discount!

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