03 Google Play Store Watermarked

For the most part, Google Play apps are all priced along the same range – free, free with in-apps, or somewhere in the $.99 to $5 range. There are some obvious exceptions, with Square and several others often charging $15 or more for games, there are also textbook apps and other more professional tools that can cost much more than this. With that in mind, Google has now increased the max price that can be set for in-app purchases or for premium apps to $400 in the United States, an increase from its original $200 mark.

While there are probably few legitimate apps that will take advantage of this raised pricing structure, there are certain companies that will likely be happy with the option, such as those that offer software aimed at professionals. Unfortunately, there will probably be a few less legitimate app makers looking to cash in from the increase as well.


The limits are also seeing a rise in many other countries, with an increase that doubles or even triples the previous range. In Canada, the range of $201 is going up to $500, with most of Europe going from limit €199 to €350. The UK changes from £150 to £300, and the list goes on. You can read the full list over at Google’s support pages.

While on the subject of pricing, we thought we’d ask: What’s the most you’ve ever paid for an app on Google Play? And what was the app? Additionally, what do you think of the new limit raise, and can you think of any (legit) situations where Google would be wise to consider an even higher limit – such as Apple with its $1000 max price.