Google Play Music Android apps

Google Play Music is constantly expanding in availability throughout the world, and it’s apparent that Google wants to get their music streaming service to as many people as they can. One feature the search giant has yet to make available to more users is Songza’s Concierge playlist feature, at least up until now. If you’re a UK listener, you’re in luck! Google has finally made available in the UK the Songza-powered playlists everyone has been waiting for.

Back in July, Google acquired Songza, the music streaming service, for $15 million, to help improve curation on Play Music and YouTube. Songza had a really nice feature that would allow contextual playlist curation. For example, typing in “drive home” in the search box would bring up a playlist that would be suitable for a drive home, rather than making you type in a certain artist or genre. Google introduced this feature to the U.S. and Canada back in October, but up until now, it’s been exclusive to those two countries. While some playlists will be available for both countries to listen to, many playlists will be specifically curated for the UK with artists from the area. UK listeners will also have the ability to download playlists for offline use.

The curated playlist service is part of Play Music’s $9.99/month premium service, which includes both Google Play Music All Access and YouTube Music Key. The service is available for Android, iOS, and on the web. One thing to remember, Songza was a U.S.-only subscription service before Google bought them. That makes this news a little more sweet to UK listeners, as they finally get the opportunity to enjoy some Songza services.