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If you own a 4K television with Android TV installed, you might be able to watch a small selection of UHD films from Google Play Movies. The company first announced that 4K films would be added to its Movies & TV app during the Pixel press event in October, and it looks like that is indeed happening, although unofficially and very quietly.


Posts on Reddit show that some users have spotted UHD options in Google Play Movies for movies like The Fifth Element, This is the End, Star Trek, Star Trek Beyond, and Zoolander. Some of these movies show the UHD option but the movies themselves are not yet available to download. The 4K movies are only appearing inside the Google Play Movies app, rather than directly from the Google Play Store. Also, as you might see from the screenshot above, the UHD version is priced up to twice as much as the HD option.

Apparently, Google support is telling uses that the UHD film options are a “mistake” but it’s likely that the company is simply just rolling this support out and testing it before making an official announcement. If you own a Chromecast Ultra, you can also check out these new UHD films if you hook it up to a 4K TV or monitor.

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