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Google Pixel 7 Pro's Super Res Zoom: Here's what it is and how to use it

Its level of detail rivals professional photographic equipment.
November 3, 2022
google pixel 7 pro case
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 7 Pro is one of the best camera phones out there. Its dedicated 48MP telephoto camera is capable of 5x optical zoom and gives you an effective 30x zoom level combined with its Super Res Zoom enhancement. When you combine that kind of telephoto power with the Pixel 7 Pro’s low-light photography and Macro Focus features, it becomes obvious why people are praising the new device so highly. Even if you used a DSLR, you would need to haul around a bag full of lenses to take all the different kinds of photographs the Pixel 7 Pro can.

Since the Google Pixel 7 Pro is new, chances are you’re still thinking about getting one. Let’s review the basics of the phone’s exciting new zoom capability so you can learn all you can before deciding.


To use the Pixel 7 Pro's Super Res Zoom, turn on the phone's camera and zoom in on a subject past the 5x mark. The feature will kick in automatically.


What is Super Res Zoom and how does it work

Super Res Zoom is an AI-enhanced zoom feature available on Google Pixel phones. It uses the natural shake of your hand to capture a series of images that are slightly offset from each other and then uses its AI to choose the sharpest image and enhance it with information from the other shots. The Pixel 7 Pro uses its 48MP telephoto camera and Tensor G2 chip to capture and enhance the image using Super Res Zoom in order to achieve the equivalent of a 30x zoom. Previous Pixel phones also had Super Res Zoom, but the Pixel 7 Pro has received an upgrade to the image processing involved. The image quality of telephoto images from the Pixel 7 Pro now rivals that of dedicated cameras. You can see a shot with the phone using only optical zoom below.

Pixel Pro Zoom 5X Shot
Kevin Convery / Android Authority

How to use Super Res Zoom on the Pixel 7 Pro

There isn’t a switch or any other controls available to turn on Super Res Zoom. It kicks in automatically when you zoom in to 5x, the maximum optical zoom the Pixel 7 Pro’s telephoto camera is capable of. From 5x up to the camera’s max of 30x, the lens and the software are creating the image together. While you should always hold a camera steady while shooting, don’t worry too much about your hand shaking when using Super Res Zoom — the camera and its software will use that to their advantage. Here’s the same lawn furniture from the same position at 30x Super Res Zoom. Notice the inset window indicating the current level of zoom.

Pixel Pro Zoom 30X Shot
Kevin Convery / Android Authority


No, the standard Pixel 7 has a camera with an 8x maximum zoom.

Yes, the Galaxy S22 Ultra offers optical zoom at 3x and 10x.

No, it cannot. Unlike previous Pixel releases, the Pixel 7 Pro is not equipped with an IR camera or sensor.

No, the Pixel 7 Pro’s selfie camera is a fixed-focus, 10.8MP camera with an f/2.2 aperture lens.