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Survey says: You think the Pixel 4 is a good buy, but not at its list price

The Google Pixel 4 is nearing a year on store shelves, but most of you still think it's worth buying.

Published onJune 9, 2020

Google Pixel 4 vs Google Pixel 4 XL from the back

The Google Pixel 4 was pretty divisive upon its release. The smaller battery, Motion Sense gimmicks, and lack of a wide-angle camera lens were particularly ridiculed. However, lots of folks always find something to love about their Pixels. Now that the dust has settled from its initial launch, we thought it was high time to ask whether or not you think the Google Pixel 4 is a good buy, even in 2020.

In an article centered on examining the Pixel 4 six months after it first hit store shelves, we came to the conclusion that there’s enough that’s good about the phone to outweigh its glaring problems. In that article, we included a very simple poll to find out if you agree.

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The raw data of the poll is quite simple so there’s not too much to glean from it. However, the comments associated with the poll give us a very clear idea of why you do think the Google Pixel 4 is a good buy in 2020.

Check out the results and your comments below.

Is the Google Pixel 4 a good buy even today?

Our poll question was incredibly simple: “Six months later, do you think the Google Pixel 4 XL is a good buy?” We saw nearly 3,000 responses to this poll, which is a pretty decent showing. A number that high gives us a fair degree of confidence that the results accurately represent our readers here at Android Authority.

Check out the chart below for the results.

Honestly, we were pretty surprised that the majority of you think the Google Pixel 4 is a good buy. Our surprise stems from the fact that our readers’ initial reactions to the phone back in October 2019 were not good at all. That got us thinking: what’s changed over the past few months?

Then we started reading your comments and it all made sense.

Your comments

google pixel 4 xl oh so orange display home screen 2

It’s pretty easy to deduce why people would answer “No” when asked if the Google Pixel 4 is a good buy in 2020 (all the reasons we mentioned earlier in this article). Thankfully, quite a few people who answered “Yes” to the question took to the comments to let us know why they chose that way. We think you’ll get their reasoning pretty quickly:

After having purchased the first three generations of Pixel XLs as day one pre-orders, I waited a couple of months and picked up the Pixel 4 XL (128GB) at $200 off. It’s a very good phone and I’m not disappointed at its more-appropriate price point.

Tony Talks:
At its heavily discounted price, yes, the Google Pixel 4 is a good buy. At its initial price, hell no!

The price is still too damn expensive and the hardware does not justify it.

If it became cheap enough here in Canada I would actually buy it. It’s still $1,300 CAD for XL and for 64GB.

The overwhelming consensus is that people generally think the Google Pixel 4 is a good buy, but only at a discounted price. This leads us to believe that Google’s possible move to make the Pixel 5 a cheaper phone with a mid-range processor might be the best idea it’s had in a while.

This also should back up the contention that buying a Pixel phone on Day 1 — let alone pre-ordering it — is probably not the best of ideas. Unless you’re a Pixel die-hard, just wait a few months after the launch of the Pixel 5 to see if the price goes even lower. It will be hard to be disappointed with any faults of the phone if you know you only paid $500 for it.

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