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Here are some leaked Google-approved images shot on the Google Pixel 4

These leaked Google Pixel 4 camera samples are approved by Google, so of course, they look good.

Published onOctober 2, 2019

Google Pixel 4 Camera Samples Leaked Hero

Google’s Pixel line has always been all about photography with every device in the line lauded for its camera capabilities. A new set of leaked Google Pixel 4 camera samples (via 9to5Google) give us an idea of what we can expect from the next entry in Google’s smartphone line.

In a word, the pics look great. However, these are leaked photos that Google will probably use to promote just how awesome the Pixel 4’s camera is, so of course they look great.

First, let’s take a look at the selfie cam samples. We expect the Pixel 4 to only have a single selfie lens on the front which is a departure from the Google Pixel 3, which had two. However, these Google Pixel 4 camera samples shot with the front-facing system still look terrific:

We won’t know until Google officially launches the Pixel 4 line, but it’s possible there are other sensors working to create these images aside from just the single selfie lens.

Moving on, here are some portrait-style shots using the rear lenses:

The bokeh effect looks awesome in these shots with even the dog’s fur separating very well from the background imagery. The colors of the girls’ clothing also really pop, although we are not sure if any post-processing was performed on these photos to help with that.

The three photos below are evening-based shots, and also incorporate some movement capturing of the dog:

While these shots likely don’t rely on the Night Sight feature to make a low-light image seem as if it were taken in good lighting, they still look great considering there was likely little light to work with. It’s nice that you can still tell the shots were taken during the early evening instead of them being so over-exposed as to look like they were taken in broad daylight.

Speaking of Night Sight, let’s check out some shots using that feature in these Google Pixel 4 camera samples:

As we saw last year on the Google Pixel 3, Night Sight is probably the crowning achievement of Google’s computational photography work. The shots above look incredible when you consider they were probably taken at night with only city lighting to work with.

Once again, though, we are not sure if any post-processing was done here or even what the circumstances were surrounding the shots. However, it’s likely the shots were set up similarly to last year when Google compared the Pixel 3’s Night Sight to the low-light capabilities of the iPhone XS.

Moving on, here’s a new kind of photo example: night sky photography:

Night Sky shots on Google Pixel 4 Leaked 2

The level of detail here is quite amazing.

Finally, here are some random other shots leaked with the rest of the Google Pixel 4 camera samples. There’s some more outdoors shots, a few macro shots, and even some food shots:

Google Pixel 4 Random Camera Samples Leaked 1

What do you think of these Google Pixel 4 camera samples? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.