The recently launched Google Pixel 2 is the smaller and cheaper of the two new smartphones from the folks at Mountain View, California. However, it’s still a pretty pricey handset and you will likely need to get a case to protect your investment. Thankfully, there are already a number of great Google Pixel 2 cases that will do the trick.

This list include some of Google’s own products, along with a number of third-party cases that you can check out, ranging from clear shells to rugged ones that are designed to take a lot of abuse.

All of these cases below support the Pixel 2’s Active Edge feature, which lets you squeeze the case to activate Google Assistant or silence any incoming phone calls.

Google Pixel 2 Fabric Case

Google has a number of official cases for the Pixel 2, including this one that’s covered in a fabric material, with a polyester and knit exterior and a soft polycarbonate core. The case also comes with cutouts for the Pixel 2’s camera and its rear fingerprint scanner along with its charging port. There’s also a silicone G logo on the back just in case you want to make people know this is a Google-made phone. 

These Google Pixel 2 cases comes in Carbon, Cement, Midnight and Coral colors and can be purchased directly from the company for $40.

Google Pixel 2 Earth Live Case

If you want a more eye popping case for the Pixel 2, Google has its Earth Live Cases to make them stand out. There are two cases that have images from Google Earth on its matte finish, with one with a “rock” photo and the other using a “river” image. If you buy one of these polycarbonate cases you also get access to a companion app that updates your wallpaper with a new Google Earth location image.

Of course, the cases also come with cutouts for the phone’s camera, fingerprint scanner and charging port, but they lack the “G” logo. These Google Pixel 2 cases are a bit more expensive than the fabric ones. You can snag them from the Google Store for $50 right now.

Pixel 2 MNML Thin Case

Looking for a thin Pixel 2 case? There is no thinner case than the MNML Case at just 0.35mm thin. It’s so thin that it will look and feel like you have no case at all. It doesn’t offer much drop protection but it will protect you from the day to day scratches that can accumulate.

The case comes in 5 different colors including: Clear black, Clear White, Matte Black, Really Blue and red and is on sale for $14.99.

Google Pixel 2 Customizable Live Case

If you want even more image choices for your Google Pixel 2 case, you might want to consider getting one of the company’s customization live cases for the phone. You can select from one of many, many designs from well-known artists to put in the back of the case, or you can use Google Maps to place a design that shows your local location on your phone. Finally, Google allows you to upload your own personal photos to use as images for cases (as long as they don’t violate copyright laws).

The customization live cases are created in the Google Store web site, and you can choose a slim design for $40 or one with dual-layer protection for $50. These Google Pixel 2 cases are a must if you want to make your phone look truly unique.

Spigen Tough Armor Google Pixel 2 Case with Kickstand

The folks at Spigen are well known for their phone cases, and the company’s Tough Armor lineup now includes one for the Google Pixel 2. As with the other Spigen Tough Armor cases, this one combines a hard outer polycarbonate shell with a more flexible inner TPU case. The shell is designed to keep the Pixel 2 from harm against falls  and even comes with a built-in kickstand just in case you want to watch a Netflix movie without holding the phone.

Amazon is currently selling the Spigen case for $16.99. If you want an exceptionally durable product, this should be on your Google Pixel 2 cases list.

Maxboost mSnap Google Pixel 2 Case

If you want a slimmer case that still offers solid protection for the Pixel 2, the Maxboost mSnap case might be the one for you. It has a polycarbonate shell, but still has a thinner profile than the Spigen case, while also offering a good amount of protection against drops. The case also has a  matte finish which should give Pixel 2 owners a good amount of grip, while also keeping things like scratches and fingerprints at bay.
If this sounds like one of the Google Pixel 2 cases you might want to check out, Amazon is selling the Maxboost mSnap for $8.95.

Ringke FUSION Crystal Clear Pixel 2 Case

While having good protection for your Pixel 2 phone is important, some people may still want to show off their new purchase. The Ringke FUSION case offers a way to do just that, but still offer high amounts of safety against falls. It has a dual layer design with a polycarbonate shell and an inner TPU lining. Yet the clear coating on the back of the case still supports MIL-STD 810G ratings, which means you can drop the Pixel 2 several feet and have it still work with this case.

The bumper on the Ringke case comes in clear, rose gold and black colors, in case you want the outer edge to have a different look. You can get this case right now from Amazon for $8.99.

LK Carbon Fiber Pixel 2 Case

Sometimes third-party cases have issues with standing out from the crowd. In this case, the LK Carbon Fiber case for the Pixel has so such issues. It has geometric patterns on the top and bottom of the case with carbon fiber detail. Yet, the case, like many of the rugged ones that we have mentioned already, have a dual layer design with a polycarbonate shell and an inner TPU lining for solid protection.

The case also comes with a raised lip on the front, which can help protect the screen from scratches if it is placed face down on a surface, The LK Pixel 2 case comes in Black, Blue and Rose Gold colors and is available now from Amazon for $10.99.

Spigen Thin Pixel 2 Case

 The last product on our Google Pixel 2 cases list is yet another product from Sprigen. Unlike the rugged case from the company, this is a single layer polycarbonate case but still offers a lot of protection against spills and drops, even though it has a slimmer design. There’s no kickstand here, but if you don’t think you will need it, this case may be for you. It’s available now from Amazon for $11.99.
That’s our list of the best Google Pixel 2 cases that you can buy right now. If more cases are released that impress us, we will update this post accordingly. Meanwhile, which cases would you like to add to this list? Let us know your opinions in the comments!
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