• Google One is coming soon to the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Pricing is now available, but new subscribers can’t sign up quite yet.
  • Google One is the company’s new unified storage service and will eventually replace Google Drive.

Google One — Google’s eventual replacement for its cloud storage service Google Drive — rolled out to United States citizens earlier this year. Now, it looks like Google One is finally coming to the United Kingdom and Canada.

While you are still unable to directly sign up for Google One in the U.K. and Canada, those of you out there who are paying subscribers to Google Drive should start seeing upgrades to Google One very soon.

Eventually, people who are not already paying for Drive will be able to subscribe to Google One. When that happens, this is how much it will cost:

 United States (USD)Canada (CAD)United Kingdom (GBP)
100GB1.99 per month
19.99 per year
2.99 per month
25.99 per year
1.99 per month
19.99 per year
200GB2.99 per month
29.99 per year
3.99 per month
39.99 per year
2.99 per month
29.99 per year
2TB9.99 per month13.99 per month9.99 per month
10TB99.99 per month139.99 per month79.99 per month
20TB199.99 per month279.99 per month159.99 per month
30TB299.99 per month419.99 per month239.99 per month

For you Canadians reading this, unfortunately, you’re getting the short end of the stick here. Usually, when an American company offers a service in Canada, the buying power of the Canadian dollar is taken into account. However, it appears Google is just doing a straight conversion here; in other words, we would have suspected the pricing for Google One to be the same as here in the United States, but it appears Google converted the pricing up instead.

Although Google One is essentially a cloud storage service just like Google Drive, the new product offers some more features over its older counterpart. For example, with Google One you can directly communicate with a Google support representative whenever you have Google-related troubles, and you can also share your storage space with family members.

If you’re interested in signing up for Google One, click the button below.

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