google now rename location (1)

Google Now is pretty good at telling when you visit a place regularly and offering you directions cards to that place, but the feature isn’t very flexible. You can’t easily define custom locations so they show up on your card list (you need to search for them on Maps, but that doesn’t always work) and, for a long while, you couldn’t rename custom locations.

That has changed now – as spotted on Reddit, Google Now lets you change the name of a location card. Previously, you could only change the name of the two default locations, Home and Work. The feature seems to have rolled out sometime recently, though some users report having it for longer.

To rename a custom location in Google Now, click on the three-dot settings button of the card, select your preferred mode of getting around (from mass transit, driving, biking, and walking), click on the “next” arrow, and click on the Rename button.

The feature should be handy if you rely on Now cards to get around. Instead of having a lengthy, difficult to recognize address in the card’s description, you can simply rename it to “School” or “Cousin Joe’s.”