Thanks to the relentless work of Google’s engineers and the huge amount of computing power that the company can throw at any problem, Google Now is getting smarter all the time. The latest addition to the personal assistant service is a card that shows gas stations found on and nearby your current route.

The feature was first spotted by Google Plus user Kevin McLaughlin and doesn’t appear to be dependent on navigation. The phone detects that the user is driving down a route that, we assume, the user has used before, and shows nearby gas stations, along with directions, distance, and the detour required to reach each station.

google now gas stations

It would be really nice if Google were able to pull in gas prices for each station, but even in this form, the feature can be very useful. With that said, checking gas stations on Google Now isn’t something you’d normally do while driving, but perhaps Google has bigger plans for this feature.

Have you seen this new card? Let us know what seems to trigger it.

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