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Google Nexus team takes it to Reddit to answer all your questions on the Nexus 5X and 6P

The Google Nexus team took it to Reddit to resolve all your doubts. Participating Googlers include Hiroshi Lockheimer, Dave Burke, Krishna Kumar and Sandeep Waraich.

Published onOctober 1, 2015

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We pretty much covered everything revolving the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, but there are always specific questions people need answering. This is why the Google Nexus team took it to Reddit to resolve all your doubts. Participating Googlers include Hiroshi Lockheimer, Dave Burke, Krishna Kumar and Sandeep Waraich.

Sadly, the session took place from 11 AM to 12 PM Pacific. The good news is that the Google team answered plenty of very interesting questions. We thought we should grab the most interesting ones and list them for you. Let’s jump right in, shall we?


Hi. What kind of security goes into keeping our finger prints safe when using imprint? Are the prints encrypted and stored on the device?

DB> Fingerprint features are securely encrypted on the device, and processed in the secure Trustzone protected area of memory. The Android 6.0 fingerprint APIs do not provide any access to the fingerprint material to apps. Fingerprint features never leave the device and are not shared with Google (so for example if you setup a new phone, you need to re-enroll your fingers). If your phone is ever lost or stolen you can easily find, lock, and erase your phone using Android Device Manager.

Any word on what panel is used for the screen in the Nexus 6P?

SW: It has a Samsung WQHD AMOLED panel. We have spent a lot of time tuning the white-point and color gamut for these panels – hope you will enjoy the accuracy of the display.
Nexus 6P has the latest generation panels from Samsung. One of things we deeply care for is the quality and accuracy of the display through which all of us connect with the stuff we care about. We created a very tight spec (white-point temperature, delta-E variance, color-space accuracy, etc) for the 6P WQHD AMOLED panel, so it was important that we use the most cutting edge panel technology available.
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Is the rear facing camera on the 6P and 5X identical?

KK: Yes. Both devices have the same camera – a 12.3MP camera, with a large 1.55um pixels, which works great in all conditions – especially low light. And both have LDAF for fast auto-focus.
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What does the “X” and the “P” stand for?

HL> X for the core of the Nexus brand (plus it sounds cool!), P for premium.

What made the team decide to partner with HUAWEI and LG this year for the Nexus devices?

HL> 5X: We wanted to bring the LG-Google band back together. So many N5 fans, we couldn’t possibly disappoint! 6P: Always nice to work with new players — we have a history of working with a bunch of folks: HTC, Motorola, Samsung, ASUS and now HUAWEI!

Do you have a timeline for enabling of VoLTE and band 12 support for T-Mobile USA?

We’re hard at work with T-Mo to get Band 12 on Nexus devices by ship date.
4G LTE evolution

Where is the NFC antenna located in the 5X and 6P? I’m asking for ease of use for Android Pay and Nexus Imprint. Hopefully the NFC antenna is at the top. Thanks!

SW/KK: On 6P the NFC coil sits just above the Nexus Imprint fps is exposed behind the camera coverglass (which is GG4 BTW). On Nexus 5X, the coil is wrapped around the back camera. And we have tested it rigorously for payments experience and it works great! And for peer-to-peer and reader mode too BTW.

What is your favorite new feature about the phone that once I start using I won’t understand how I lived my life without it before?

SW: Nexus Imprint. It is fast (it really is!) and highly accurate. You won’t even see the lockscreen anymore. And the location of the sensor is such that you will get right in your homescreen by the time phone is in front of you. Check out some hands-on videos around this.
KK: The camera on these devices is great – the picture quality is awesome – especially for low light pictures. Sloooo-mo on these devices is a lot of fun.
HL: USB Type-C!
DB: I think the “premiumness” of both phones is my fav feature. Particularly loving the all-metal aluminium – I mean alum-in-um – and the diamond cut edges of the 6P :)
nexus 5x 1

Who wins the best shirt award on the Android team? Matias Duarte with his colorful dress shirts or Dave Burke with his graphic Ts?

DB> With a shirt like this, is there any competition?

. Come on!

How is the food were you work and what is your favorite part of working there? Thanks!

We take our Android release names from our favorite snacks, so you can tell we may not be eating the most balanced diets.
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