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Google Nearby allows apps to get a better feel for where you are

Google Nearby takes advantage of Bluetooth beacons to let third party apps better understand your location and relay you relevant notifications.
June 9, 2016
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So Google has started an initiative that angles to make your devices provide you with information that’s more relevant based on your current location. Although GPS is nice and all, the search giant has found that low-power Bluetooth ‘beacons’ are far more effective at this task. This project, called “Nearby,” involved Google cooperating with partners to strategically place a vast number of these beacons at stores, airports, and museums. In theory, they should be able to give your smartphone more contextual information about your environment and let you do a number additional activities on the fly, including:

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Nearby is compatible with all Android devices running KitKat 4.4 and newer, and it will be part of a Google Play Services update coming soon. You can expect it to roll out to your device in the very near future, but you’ll have to have Bluetooth and Location services activated to be able to take advantage of these utilities. Every time you encounter a beacon, you’ll be asked whether or not you would like to see notifications regarding its respective features. If you decline, then you won’t be bothered by that beacon in the future unless you re-enable it in the settings. On the advertising side of things, this feature is useful to proprietors as it allows them to push out notifications to nearby shoppers.

What do you think of Google Nearby? A helpful addition to your device’s capabilities or an unnecessary intrusion on your privacy? Let us know in the comments below!