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Google Maps update: improved reviews, no voice call interruptions and more

We have become pretty familiar with this app, as it rarely changes and we use it so much. But guess what? There's a new update for it!

Published onFebruary 9, 2016

google maps nexus 5 1

Getting places is no easy task, which makes Google Maps one of the most important apps we can find on our smartphones. We have become pretty familiar with this app, as it rarely changes and we use it so much. But guess what? There’s a new update for it!

There won’t be any obvious changes waiting for you when you update Google Maps to version 9.20, but there are some very welcomed additions packaged in there. You’ll probably enjoy at least one of these, so let’s dig in and show you what the goods are.

Avoid navigation directions during calls

Isn’t it annoying when you answer a call in the middle of your commute and the Google Maps lady just keeps talking over your conversation? No more!

There’s a new option in the settings, allowing you to turn off turn-by-turn directions while on a phone call. Just go to ‘Navigation settings’ and toggle the option that reads “Play voice during phone calls”.

Photos now linked to reviews

Google Maps allows you to add photos and reviews of places, but so far these have lived in different realms. The latest update links your photos and reviews to allow for a better explanation of your experience. What this means is that if you add photos, these will appear next to your review of that specific spot.

Adding spots to your Timeline

Have you checked out your Google Maps Timeline? Most people I talk to have no idea about it, but it is a neat little feature that allows you to keep track of the places you have been to on any specific day.

The only issue is Google is not always the most accurate when it comes to determining where, exactly, you are. This issue can now be alleviated by the ability to manually add spots to your Timeline. Maybe you stopped by a friend’s house, who happens to live next to a Starbucks and Google Maps think you made a pit stop for some coffee. Just go ahead and edit!

Google-IO-2013 Google Maps 99 1600 aa

Wrapping up

Want in on the fun? You have two options. The first is to simply wait until the new Google Maps rolls out to your smartphone. The only issue is this can sometimes take a few days, as these updates usually roll out in phases. Your second best bet is to download the APK file from the link below.


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