Google Maps has become a road beast since last week, when the Search Giant announced the rollout of offline navigation, search and more. But not everyone in the world has been lucky enough to have that feature from the get-go. Are you in India? If so, today is your lucky day!

The Google Maps team has just announced offline availability in India starting today. So now you can get yourself around town with no internet connection at all!

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But wait – didn’t Google Maps already do this before? In a certain way, it sure did. You could download maps from some areas, but the system was pretty confusing. With the new system users can download maps for cities, counties and even countries. That is a huge step. Not only does it help data savers and emerging markets with slow internet, but it will be a life saver for the road warrior who often has to go through areas with no signal.

This is why we were so excited about offline access to Google Maps navigation and search when we first saw it at Google I/O. Offline access is one of the main factors that made some other mapping apps preferable to some users. And that makes sense! You don’t want to be using data every single time you go somewhere, right?

Interested? You can hit the link below to learn how to use the offline feature on Google Maps. It’s fairly simple. Happy mapping!