Google Keep screenshot

Google Keep‘s new feature will help you search notes much quicker.

Google has just announced a new update for Google Keep that’s rolling out now on Android, iOS and the web. The note-taking app will now organize your notes by automatically creating topics like food, places, books, quotes and travel for easier searching.

Here’s how it works. Don’t want to scroll through your long list of notes? Just tap the search icon at the top, and you’ll see a number of different topics that will bring you to your notes pertaining to that particular category. So if you have a grocery list or recipe saved in Keep, those notes will be added to the Food category. Same thing goes for music-related notes; I have a note saved in Keep telling me to download Pedro the Lion’s Whole EP, and Keep automatically added it to the music category. Very cool!

As previously stated, the update is rolling out now on Android, iOS and the web. Follow the Play Store link below to grab the latest version!