• Google started rolling out January security patch for Pixel and Nexus devices
  • There are two levels: January 1 and January 5
  • The patch includes dozens of security fixes for Pixel and Nexus devices

The classic New Year Day’s hangover is apparently not a thing for Google, seeing how the search giant is pushing out the January security patch for Pixel and Nexus devices.

Taking a peek at the Android Security Bulletin, there are separate January 1 and January 5 security patches; the former patches 20 vulnerabilities, while the latter contains 18 fixes. Even though the severity of these vulnerabilities range from high to critical, Google says there are no reports of customers being affected.

As for the Pixel/Nexus Security Bulletin, all of the devices will receive the January 5 security patch. Also, apart from the 46 security fixes, the patch contains two functional updates: one update “adjusted handling of key upgrades in keystore,” while the second improves “stability and performance after installing an OTA.”

Finally, the January security patch brings the bug fixes found in the December security patch to older devices, including the burn-in protections we see in the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

You can find download links for factory images and OTA files below. Keep in mind that, unless you have a Pixel or Nexus device, the January security patch is not available for other Android devices.

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