Google has just introduced a new series of customizable phone cases for its Nexus lineup called Live Cases. Live Cases were first introduced back in May 2015, but there were a very limited number of them available at launch. These new cases are more affordable, more customizable and are available for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6.

Places Live Cases

You can choose from two different styles of Live Cases — Places or Photos. The Places Live Case lets you map your favorite spot with Google Maps and apply that image to the back of the phone case. Once you select your place on the map, you can select from a number of different map views like terrain, water or textured, and you can also apply different color overlays to your map. The cases also come in either matte or glossy finishes.

As an added bonus, the Place Live Case comes with a live wallpaper that will show your current location throughout the day in the same style as your phone case. Pretty neat!

Google Live Cases 1

Alternatively, the Photos Live Case can be customized just about the same way, only with a photo of your choosing. Once you select your photo, you can customize it with different colors and filters to your liking. This one also comes with access to a live wallpaper, only this time it will show you a slideshow of your favorite photos.

Both styles of Live Cases sport a hidden, customizable button on the back that can be programmed to perform a specific task. You can set it to launch your favorite application, open your phone’s camera, launch a webpage, or pretty much anything else. It basically works just like a homescreen shortcut.

Both styles cost $35 a piece, and are available at the link attached below.

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