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You told us: You thought Google had a good year for software and hardware

Over 80% of respondents thought the good outweighed the bad for Google in 2022.
December 29, 2022
Pixel 7 Pro hazel side profile view showing rear cameras
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

Google had a pretty solid 2022 for the most part, according to AA colleague Rob Triggs, noting that the company came close but “didn’t quite nail” things.

What did you think of Google’s 2022 in terms of hardware and software, though? We posted this poll inside Rob’s article, and here’s what you told us.

What do you think of Google’s year in hardware and software?


This was a fairly popular poll, with almost 2,400 votes cast as of writing. The most popular option? Well, it turns out that 48.4% of respondents felt Google had a great year and that they had more faith in the company’s vision.

“Many ups, some downs. I’m optimistic,” was the runner-up, grabbing 33.24% of the vote. In other words, over 80% of surveyed readers thought the good outweighed the bad for Google in 2022.

We can see why people would feel this way, as the company delivered well-received Pixel 7 and Pixel 6a devices. The firm also brought a solid update in the form of Android 13. It wasn’t all good though, as the Pixel Watch received a mixed reception while Stadia was unsurprisingly canceled.

Otherwise, 12.59% of respondents voted for “some ups, some downs. I’m waiting for more.” Finally, just 5.75% of polled readers felt Google’s failures outweighed its wins in 2022.


  • HonzaCZ: I’m satisfied with Pixels this year. The Pixel 7 is the best phone I’ve used and the Pixel Watch is good. I don’t really agree with your Pixel Watch take, though. The bezel is not big enough to warrant this much attention.
  • Felipe Barousse: This year, as it did in 2021 Google disappointed many, a lot… Why? Because it keeps on crippling their Pixel devices: if an owner decides to take his or her Pixel device to a country where Pixels are not officially sold at and insert a SIM (or use an e-SIM) from a local operator from that country, that simple action immediately disabled 5G, VoLTE, VoWiFi on the Pixel. Google is not getting that this are M-O-B-I-L-E devices that we take wherever we go to work or spend some time and require to use on the fully compatible 5G cellular networks in those places. That has made me leave Google and Pixel devices completely, as much as I like them and having been Google phones user since the Nexus One. Sorry Google with that evil and nasty attitude, no more Pixels for me.
  • James Sarino: I’ve been happy with both my Pixel 7 Pro and Buds Pro, and was looking forward for the next iteration of the Pixelbook (still have my 2017 Pixelbook “Eve”). I was disappointed Google scuttled it. I want to like the Pixel Watch, but it feels compromised. Having owned the LG G Watch when that came out back in the day, I didn’t feel compelled to go down that road again. So, will wait and see what 2023 will bring, and hope the next gen Pixel Watch and Tablet will be good.
  • eszklar: Pixel Watch for me was disappointing. Pixel 7 Series simply an iteration of the Pixel 6 series but done well. Next year, however, with the Pixel Tablet(s) and the Pixel Fold(able) is what I’m waiting for. Also, given the recently leaked future Pixel road map (if true and if Google carries it out) interesting times await.