Google Fit udpate

Google has just announced a new update to the Google Fit app for Android that brings a few handy new tracking features to the fitness application. The biggest addition that comes along with this update is the ability to get real-time statistics for your runs, walks and rides on your smartphone. The Google Fit app will now be able to record your speed, pace, route, elevation and more, so you’ll be able to stay motivated and on track much more easily.

This next feature is for Android Wear owners out there. With this new update, your watch will be able to automatically detect and count each push-up, sit-up and squat. They’ll be added to your daily activity, so you can get credit for each one. Last but not least, Google Fit will now show you information from your favorite nutrition and sleep apps. After you update to the latest version, you’ll be able to monitor your diet with MyFitnessPal, Fatsecret, Lifesum or LoseIt. You can also track your sleeping habits with Sleep as Android, Xiaomi Mi Band and Mi Band 1S, Sony Smartband 2 or the Basis Peak. Pretty great, right?

The big update will be rolling out over the next couple days, so head to the Play Store link below to see if the latest version of Google Fit is ready for download.

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