Cloud computing is an increasingly popular means of doing work. With major companies offering their own online office suites, professionals and even casual users are given more options in accessing their data and documents, whether on desktop computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Google Docs, being one of the more popular cloud-based office suites available, is constantly updating. Google’s latest update is quite minor, but could have a big impact in terms of branding. From Documents, Spreadsheets and Presentations, these apps are now renamed to Docs, Sheets and Slides. These apps are now available for download from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, you get easy shortcuts to the apps whenever you open a new tab on Google Chrome.

Wait, there’s more. Chromebook users will be happy to know that these handy app shortcuts will also be available on your local directory upon install.

Google Drive launched earlier this year, promising support for at least 30 file formats. Google offers its services for both consumer and enterprise clients, which means they’re geared to take over what has been traditionally the forte of Microsoft and its Office suite — which is now incidentally going online, too, with Office 365. This Google Drive update may be a minor functionality, but hints at an increasingly bigger role the cloud plays in office and productivity apps.