The last few weeks have been pretty crazy in the world of Android security, and it all started with that pesky Stagefright exploit that came to light last month. In wake of the far-reaching vulnerability, Google, quickly followed by Samsung and LGannounced its plans to issue monthly security-focused over-the-air updates to Nexus devices, in addition to regular platform updates from here on out.

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At the big Black Hat security conference that took place recently, lead engineer for Android security at Google Adrian Ludwig announced that Google would be more transparent with its security updates in the future. The company plans to do this by detailing all security-focused updates in the newly-created Android Security Updates Google Group. Basically, if you’re looking for more details about what’s in the current update for Nexus devices, this new Google Group is your go-to.

Looking through the Group, it’s easy to see that Google is taking this stuff seriously. All of the updates in the Group so far are a tad confusing and technical, but all of the information is there if you’d like to learn more.