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Chrome will now let you know you're at and not

This might be inconvenient if you actually wanted to be at, of course.

Published onJune 18, 2019

A screenshot of the new alerts Google Chrome will send you if you visit a possibly deceptive URL.

It’s really easy to accidentally hit the zero key on your keyboard when you meant to type the “O” key (whose bright idea was it to put them right next to each other, anyway?). A simple mistake like that in Google Chrome could take you to a nefarious website or malware-infected download.

Luckily, Google will now help by alerting you if you visit a URL that you’ve never visited before but looks a lot like a site you have visited in the past. For example, if you were to accidentally visit instead of the site you are very likely really looking for, which is

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The alert page you see above is what you’ll start to see going forward if this happens. Clicking the blue Continue button will take you to Google, which Chrome will assume is where you wanted to go. You could hit the Ignore button if, for some reason, you really did want to visit

This new Google Chrome feature will hopefully help people avoid malicious sites which bank on the idea of people visiting incorrectly spelled URLs to serve ads or cause malware infections.

To strengthen Google Chrome even further, Google is also rolling out a new extension called Suspicious Site Reporter. Power users can install this extension and use it to report suspicious sites. Google hopes this will help it be faster and more efficient when it comes to cataloging bad sites and preventing other people from visiting them.

Both the extension and the new alerts are available now in the latest version of Google Chrome 75.

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