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If you rely on Google’s browser app to surf the web, talk with friends or watch videos, you’re in luck. Today Google has announced a number of new features and improvements making their way to Chrome that will help you save more data, download things for offline viewing, and discover even more personalized content tailored to your interests.

Chrome's Data Saver now supports video, too
Chrome’s Data Saver feature has been around for awhile, and it’s quite the handy feature if you’ve never tried it out. With Data Saver turned on, Chrome will compress images and text you load, saving up to 60% of your data without changing the content. Now Chrome’s Data Saver is getting video support, allowing you to save up to 67% of your data when viewing MP4 videos through Chrome. Google says in India alone, this new feature is saving 138TB of data on video in a single week. Not bad!

Data Saver will now also optimize HTTP websites to their essentials, which should help web pages load much faster than before.

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Google Chrome is also getting a new download feature, which will allow you to simply tap a download button to save a web page, photo or video for offline viewing. You can access the downloads hub by tapping the overflow menu (three dots) on the top-right of your browser. Google also says you don’t need to worry about restarting your download if your connection is dropped, either. If you go offline when Chrome is downloading something, it will immediately start back up once you’re back online.

The new downloads feature is now available in Chrome Beta and will roll out to the stable version of Chrome soon.

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Google is also making it easier to find topics that you’re interested in. Now when you open a new tab in Chrome, you’ll see suggestions for websites you might want to visit. Plus, the more you use Chrome, the smarter these suggestions will get overtime.

These changes will be making their way to Chrome soon, so grab the latest version at the Play Store link below to try them out.