Google Chromecast Ultra 1

With the introduction of the Google Home brand, the Google Cast app was said to be undergoing a name change, and that’s exactly what’s happening now.

A few days ago, we reported that the Google Cast app would be rebranded as Google Home, with several users getting a notification informing them of the change. Well, the rebranding is officially under its way, and there are some subtle differences.


Android Police

As you see above, when you open up the app, you will now see two tabs on top instead of three: whereas before, you had What’s On, Devices, and Get Apps, now you simply have Watch and Discover. The search bar on top has been removed, but instead it appears as a floating action button at the bottom of the screen. It is worth noting that the color scheme has also been changed to be more “material.”

The app icon itself has also been overhauled, and now it’s unmistakably Google. It is a small house with all the Google colors; curiously enough, however, the new Google Home app is not circular. Given the latest Pixel UI that we saw from Google, we thought Google would have streamlined all their apps.

The Google Cast app has come a long way. Introduced as the Chromecast app, it went through its initial rebranding when its functionality was expanded. Now with the Mountain View company’s slew of Home-branded products, it makes sense that Google wants to bring all Chromecast devices under one umbrella.

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