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Google Cast is going away, at least as a brand name.

Google has been quietly removing the term ‘Google Cast’ for TVs and connected speakers that work with the Chromecast streaming media device family. Instead, Google will now refer to Google Cast as “Chromecast built-in”. Why the name change? It appears that Google simply wants to consolidate its streaming media branding under a more familiar name, and that might be the best thing to do. The name ‘Google Cast’ might cause some confusion among consumers who want to buy a TV or speaker that works with a Chromecast.

The news was announced Tuesday on the official Google Cast Twitter account:

This name change shouldn’t come as a huge shock, as the official Google Cast app already got a name change to Google Home a few weeks ago, just before the connected speaker with the same name was first announced. All of these name changes might be a bit difficult to keep up with for now, but it’ll likely cause much less confusion in the future for consumers.

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